DJ Brucy Bruce Featured in article by Marie Sutherland


“… The group I was with instantly snapped to attention and started yipping like excited coyotes, because we had somehow wandered through Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4 and into a magical world of good, in fact amazing, music. The DJ (Brucy Bruce, every Saturday from 10 p.m.) was tucked away at the back of the room, where he relentlessly spun track after track of fantastic old-school, house and hip hop. The music was so good we ordered a round of beer to celebrate, then had some wings and a game of pool and a large pitcher of laughs. Best night I’ve had in Brampton since, oh, ever.”

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About brucybruce

Im an artist and got it going on. I love making music because I have so much to give. I never want too stop. I always want to stay like this mad hungry like my life depended on this rhyme.

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