Bruce refers to his world as Upper paradise and Stone church, the heaven and hell, good and evil, righteous and unrighteous and light and darkness that every living being must inevitably encounter while walking the mountain brow of life.  This album is reflective of the conflict between these opposing forces.  Articulate, eloquent and thought-provoking, Bruce’s freshman compilation is sure to give listeners of all genres an unforgettable musical experience.

From a young age Bruce has been entrenched in the world of music.  At 15 years old, Bruce began to hold the mic as a B-boy and perform as an opening act for the likes of Naughty by Nature and Black Sheep in Hamilton, Run-Dmc at Carleton University and alongside the Bootcamp Click in Ottawa.

In search of a musical outlet, Bruce became a DJ just before entering post-secondary education at St. Clair College.  He unleashed his expansive repertoire of Hip-Hop, R & B, Old School, Funk, Calypso, Reggae and Jazz as a resident DJ for 3 years on CJAM 91.5 at the University of Windsor.  Bruce slowly developed a dedicated following as his broadcast was transmitted to Detroit and as far as Chatham, Ontario.  Bruce aka DJ Soul Finger aka DJ Jam Steel became synonymous with tearing up the club scene in Windsor.  While spinning records at the Loop, Bruce displayed his notorious Old School, classic Hip-Hop, R & B and Funk style by throwing down tunes by Parliament, Stevie Wonder and Public Enemy.  Bruce also played strictly Hip-Hop jams at the VIP Lounge while continuing his legacy at The Amazon, Bernie’s World, The Zoo, BC Border, Club Underground, The Teradaktyle and various Windsor Sports Weekend events.

As a DJ, Bruce feels that he has gained crucial experience that will elevate him to another level as an artist.   He injected his infectious personality while using his turntables to express himself musically.  Additionally, playing a wide variety of music has influenced Bruce in the development of his unique, Rootsy, Old School, Hip-Hop sound with a stylish urban flare that is sure to please.
Through countless hours in the studio collaborating with Dewriggous Entertainment and Soulock Studios, Upper Paradise and Stone Church is now ready to present the debut album “Walking On The Mountain Brow” containing strictly original material from big juice Bruce.

So sit back, relax and ask yourself one question, 
are YOU ready?

BRUCYBRUCE on SoundCloud > 

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