My love for music began as a young child listening to the likes of Al Green, The Commodores, The Chi-Lites, The Stylistics and other RnB greats.  I was inspired to become a part of the music industry in any way possible.  By the early 90’s I was MCing various events as a means of getting into the DJ industry.  Since my MC name was Bruce, I eventually became DJ Brucekateck from Steelcity.  I started my assault on the industry by doing underground parties in order to develop a reputation as the MC who could DJ too.

My pursuit of musical entertainment continued as I competed in countless rap battles.  Through my constant efforts to get a record deal, I continued to develop my DJ skills as a way to keep up to date with the Hip Hop scene.  After high school, I moved to Windsor and played any and everywhere I could find.  During 1995-96 I started to  blow up and was the opening act for the likes of Baby Blue Soundcrew, Lindo P, Red Flame and the one and only DJ Starting from Scratch.  The noterity I gained from doing various Windsor Sports Weekend functions eventually gave me the chance to play at a club called The Windsor Music cafe in 1997.  My onslaught on the industry continued as I got a job playing at The Loop.  While at this spot I was ordained as DJ Soulfinga.  I eventually became a part of the CFM Canadian Funk mob which specialized in Old School, Funk, Retro and 80’s.

My persistence led to an opportunity to develop and host my own radio show on CJAM 94.5.  “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall” was on the airwaves from Deerbourne, Michigan to London, Ontario.  This show really helped me acquire a following and spread my talents to a larger fan base.  In 1998, I came back to Toronto and played at the IV Lounge for three years playing strictly 90’s music.  Cutting, scratching and mixing hits from Hip Hop greats Pete Rock and CL Smooth, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, EPMD to progressive RnB such as Omar and Brand New Heavies kept the crowd more than satisfied.

From early 2002 till late 2006, I played at the Che Lounge in hess village in Hamilton Ontario. Another bar in the same club district that I played at was called the Bite bar and I was there from 2006 till early 2009. From 2009 till just recently, I was only playing private gigs, and corporate events. I can now be heard at Tee Jays, The local every Saturday night playing everything for everyone, Everything from Jazz, Salsa, 80s, 90s, Classic Rock, Punk, Heavymetal oldschool, Funk, Slowjams, Reggae, Just a pinch of calypso and that stuff. LOL..Hiphop and Rnb, Soul, Neosoul, Garage, Ska, House, A Trail a load of Wu,, and Tribe, Guarneteed TOP40, Motown and Everything in between.

DJ Soulfinga aka DJ Jamsteel aka, BrucyBruce

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